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hey, we’re stacy and kaelan. we sort of started a conversation about two years ago that never stopped, and now we write songs about feelings from opposite sides of the country. this is our EPK, last updated september 2023.

sync & licensing: ben morris,

As heard on:

- Spotify editorials: New Music Friday Canada, Lorem, soda, Fresh Finds, RADAR Canada, It's A Bop, my life is a movie, indie pop and chill

- Named to the Fresh Finds Class of 2021 playlist by Spotify for our song "You Want Everyone To Love You"

- Ones To Watch: Now Watching

- CBC Radio, Hoxton Radio, SoHo Radio, The Peak 102.7

As seen on:

- Atwood Magazine

- Tower Records

- The Line of Best Fit

- Earmilk

- Exclaim!

- Under the Radar


- Hype Machine

- A1234

For fans of:

- Hippo Campus

- Bleachers

- Beabadoobee

- Alvvays

The numbers say:

- Spotify: 3.09M+ streams & 44k+ monthly listeners

- IG: 1.7k followers

- TikTok: 7k+ followers

- Apple: 100+ weekly Shazams


Cover artist: YouTube Music, Your New Alternative


Cover artist: Spotify, indie pop & chill


Cover artist: Spotify, Fresh Finds 


Cover artist: Spotify, Lemonade


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"someplace else", for release march 30, 2022

the first single off our upcoming ep "places i've left", the sister ep to our debut release "places i've lived". it's a love song! a real-life love song! and a pretty happy one at that? in this economy?  "someplace else" is about nervous giggles, journaling on a train, picturing a better life ahead where things are finally "okay" and you're finally settling down with the person who personifies what that means to you. 


written, produced by kaelan geoffrey and stacy kim

mixed by travis ference

mastered by elisa paengsang

download cover here: photo by lula-belle jedynak and graphic by becca hamel


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"places i've lived", debut EP released october 1, 2021 | press release

a series of letters and songs dedicated to the people and places from our young adult lives & our young adult selves​. this is the first of two sister EPs in the "places" series; we like to consider it a collection of love letters to all the shit that made us into the people we are now. those age 16-22 years really do sort of exist outside any realistic expectation of what a human should have to feel and experience, don't they? we found a lot of our stories and memories from the era aligned with each other's despite living on opposite sides of the country and not really having known each other yet. you meet as many people you'll remember forever as you'll forget by the next time you reach for the memory, and you do so much dumb, exciting, carefree, unforgivable shit together. the feelings are the strings that tie the whole thing together, and those feelings seem to be a universal language. 


some of the letters we mailed!

in the spirit of this, we ran an anonymous letter-writing campaign for the EP by building a website where people could write a small anonymous letter to a person or place in their lives and submit it to us, not unlike the songs of the EP. we took those letters and mailed them out anonymously across the world to anyone who submitted one and requested one back. basically, you send out a little confession out into the world and you get back a different little confession from someone somewhere else. it was the coolest community-connecting experience; people are so wonderful sometimes.

written, produced by kaelan geoffrey and stacy kim

mixed by travis ference

mastered by derek hoffman & randy merrill

download cover here: photo and graphic by becca hamel

"With the release of sister EP 'places i've left' on the horizon, the nostalgia for an artistic beginning teeming with potential is probably being cued up as we speak. places i've left feels like it could be on the cusp of something remarkable — but for now, Kim and Geoffrey are just wondering what songs you'll listen to tonight as you walk home past the streetlights. "

- Exclaim!

"..As the EP ends, it feels like a camera roll tour through treasured memories, not only the band’s but your own as well. Bestfriend’s eulogies to the past are the kind of songs tailor-made for you to find yourself within."

- Under the Radar



"hannah in the city", released august 27, 2021  | press release 

"hannah in the city", a song about all of those "what if" questions you ask yourself and the person you loved that ultimately always end the same way. 

written, produced by kaelan geoffrey and stacy kim

mixed by travis ference

mastered by randy merrill

download cover here - photo by kate holley, graphic by becca hamel

"Bestfriend's distinctive production style shines brightly on the track, with crisp percussion pinning down the film of hazy synths beneath its beguiling vocal harmonies. Noodling guitars wend their way into the arrangement in an intricate, multi-layered approach that builds subtly before dropping away into a heart-wrenchingly beautiful bridge."

- The Line of Best Fit

"This evocative single comes off Bestfriend’s upcoming EP places i've lived. "Hannah in the City." Geoffrey's dreamy synths pair perfectly with Kim's pulling and even dreamier vocals. The chorus guitar feels distant, and will have fans wanting to step in and chase the hum-worthy melody."


"...They close the distance in sprawling synth-wave with an insistent lo-fi groove, setting the scene for the nostalgic dreamscapes their debut EP, places i've lived, will call home on October 1."

- Exclaim!

Extended Bio

Bestfriend was half-formed through a mutual friend and half-formed through Instagram DMs in 2018. The indie-pop duo is a culmination of two young artists, Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey, making music from thousands of miles apart; Stacy in the west, Kaelan in the east.


Through trial and error (and many gigabytes of .wav files sent back and forth), they’ve found their stride in dreamy, story-telling pop songs. Geoffrey's expert use of dreamy, almost euphoric synthesizers paired with Kim's guiding, melodious vocals pulls listeners into a shared space, creating harmony within the themes of uncertainty.

Their latest EP, places i’ve lived, received accolades in the likes of Under The Rader, EARMILK, Exclaim! and The Line of Best Fit, amassing over 1,500,000 streams within the first 4 months of release. places i've lived is a part 1 of a series of letters; these songs are dedicated to the people and places of the young adult lives they are growing out of. places i've lived was written and produced entirely by the duo and mixed by Grammy-nominated Travis Ference (Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Imagine Dragons).

Next up for Bestfriend is the sister EP to places i've lived, aptly named places i've left; their first single, heartfelt indie-pop at its core, Someplace Else, will be released March 30, 2022.


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