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places i've lived: letter project


1. write a letter to a place you've lived or a person you knew, or tell us one of your favourite stories, or even just about your day.*

2. enter your address, prove you're not a robot, etc. your address will not be shared anywhere!

3. press submit. great work.

4. keep an eye on the mail! you'll get a postcard written by someone somewhere else. 

* = one of our only qualifications is that you please keep it pg. we're going to manually screen all of these before they're sent out and won't share any we that deem cross any lines in any way, harmful or otherwise unsavoury. please behave lol

address entry method

(autofill only works on web, sorry! if you submit from mobile using autofill, you won't receive a letter)


hey, we got your submission - thanks for taking part in this. keep an eye on your mailbox in the coming weeks :)

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